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Leg Muscle Spasms

Leg Muscle Spasms

Leg Muscle Spasms? The Easiest And Most Effective Way To Relief


Leg Muscle Spasms
Painful, but often very treatable.

Night leg muscle spasms are a painful and very common problem that many Older adults suffer from.

Indeed, several recent  studies demonstrate that more than 70% percent of adults over fifty years old suffer some degree of night leg cramps.

The situation is always similar – you are sleeping peacefully; suddenly, you start feeling an aching sensation in your leg, which make you get

up and make it hard for you to fall asleep again. Interestingly, the precise causes of night leg muscle spasms are not very clear.

Occasionally, night leg cramps are provoked by over exercising the muscles, structural disorders, sitting for incorrect or for too long,

also, poor leg posture while sleeping…

Actually, the latter cause is the most common because doctors frequently notice it in their patients.

It is crucial to maintain right and comfy leg positions during sleeping to avoid night leg muscle spasms.

The orthopedic Leg Wedge Pillow proves to be very helpful for people who suffer frequent night leg muscle spasms(cramps),

and for people who want to feel more comfy during the night.

This great Leg Support Pillow works as a great leg spacer, and it’s very useful for people who sleep on a side.

Also, the Leg Wedge Pillow can be used as an ankle support for both legs for people who sleep on their back.

Some feel it is the easiest and most effective way to relieve leg cramps. It is designed to adapt to the natural curves of your body and legs.

You can maintain a correct sleep position, eliminating night leg cramps in a natural and safe way.

By the way, do you know what night leg muscle spasms are?

Night leg cramps are abrupt and are involuntary contractions of the calf muscles that occur when you are sleeping.

It is possible to feel the pain in the muscles in the soles of the feet.

In any case, the duration of these cramps can be variable, occasionally they can last a few seconds and but usually they last some minutes.

Either way, you still feel the soreness for a while after the leg cramp.

Leg muscle sprains can take place in anybody, yet older you are, the more likeley you are to experience the problem.



Nowadays, there are several alternatives to relieve night leg cramps.

Once they take place, the first thing to do is to walk or jiggle the hurting leg and then lift it up.

Another excellent way to relieve leg cramps is to straighten the aching leg and bend your foot toward the knee, so you will have the sensation of your calf muscles enlarging;

of course, you can just have a hot shower and then have an ice massage in the cramped muscles…


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